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Henry Avignon

Henry Avignon's work is an alchemy of painting, photography and printmaking. His bold innovations have captured the attention of galleries and collectors around the world — and represent an alliance of two philosophies: photography's truth of the moment merged with the eternity of matter specific to painting and sculpture. Henry Avignon synthesizes the transformative power of energy — as it pertains to life cycles (his primary subject) — then presents his extraordinary creations as moments documented in time. "My work is absolutely a partnership with many laws of nature," says Avignon. "I harness, I utilize, I catalyze what is essentially a destructive force of nature where the beginning of every work is a chaos that belongs to her. I see the work as representing a truly living art form."

Henry's Portfolio


  • 1972 - Born in Tampa, Florida U.S.A.
  • 1992 - Associates Degree in Photo Journalism SUNY Morrisville New York
  • 2000 - Baccalaureate degree in Literature / Minor in Psychology SUNY Brockport New York
  • 2011 - (Near completion) Masters of Art, Creative Writing, Poetry SUNY Brockport New York