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Janet Mirsky

My artistic career subconsiously began in the hotel and food industry. I graduated from Boston University's Hotel Management School in 1988.

While working with food, I noticed it started to touch upon some inner creativity, but something was telling me I needed to explore deeper. I listened to my instincts, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and signed up for my first class at the Memorial Art Gallery in 2001. I had never taken an art class before; the lessons consumed me and it didn't take long to realize I had found a new passion. I signed up for as many courses as I possibly could.

Since my first painting class, colorful oils have been exploding out of me onto canvas. It is as if I had been waiting all my life for the opportunity to paint. I never know where my creations are going until I get there. The common thread in all of my work is the use of vivid color and line. I now look at everything with a different eye and think about how I can use it in my paintings. Now that I have found art, I plan to continue my journey upon this exciting new path. Who knows where it may lead me?

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