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Jeff Lindgren

At the age of five, Jeff Lindgren began expressing himself artistically by drawing animals and fantasy images that reflected his active imagination. His parents and siblings supported and nurtured hist artistic endeavors when he was growing up in Cockeysville, Maryland (a suburb of Baltimore). Fascinated by the details and structure of the human face, Jeff then challenged himself to refocus his artwork and subject matter toward creating Portraits. As a result, he soon discovered a natural affinity of capturing the nuances and essence of human expression. Subsequently, his work evolved to a new level of realism - and his teachers began to appreciate his work and vision, and provided encouragement.

"Oil painting attracted me," he explains, "because of its limitless creative possibilities. I began taking classes to learn techniques and aesthetics." Feeling restrained and restricted by the stringent rules associated with formal training, Jeff decided that his work would be better served if he became a self-taught artist."

Today, Jeff creates oil paintings, drawings and wall murals by commission and personal inspiration. As Jeff relays, "I have an intense love for my family, my art, music, and the mystery of life."

Jeff lives in Webster, New York with his wife Monica, son Alec, daughter Maya and dogs Lucy and Bella.

To contact Jeff, please visit his website