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Nitin Banwar

I am a self taught artist of Indian origin who has lived in the United States since 1975. My family is global... Australia, India, Sweden and the US. With all these cultural influences, my art represents my diversity and a personal cultural odyssey between the east and the west.

My father was in the Indian Navy, therefore our family moved frequently. This exposed us to multiple cultures and lifestyles while we were quite young. My three other siblings live in Australia, India and Sweden. Being a voracious reader, I exposed myself to the literature, art and mythology, not only of the east, but also of the west.

My graduate education was in medicine in India. I subsequently came to the US via Europe (Sweden) and completed my graduate training in the US in Orthopedic Surgery. In both Europe and the US, I worked as a freelance artist (not very successfully) and in a gallery/frameshop in Atlanta, Georgia... as I awaited my green card. Those years were the most influential on my artistic career (I was the proverbial starving artist).

I am now a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Upstate, NY.

My profession is very objective... my art is its subjective counterbalance.

My other passions are books (I have that gentle madness), bicycling, skiing and flying. I am an avid aviator and am an instrument rated private pilot (another balance of the objective/subjective). My studio is at my home in Canandaigua, NY where I live with my family, my books and my esoteric collection of art.