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Sheri Mortillaro

Sheri MortillaroSheri grew up in the back woods of Maine in a small cabin with a backdrop of pine and birch. Times were difficult for the family of eight as her mother worked all day sewing shoes from the cabin. With an out-house in the backyard and a water pump in the front, the basic necessities of life weren't so basic. Much of her childhood was spent in outdoor exploration which is reflected in her art. Sheri always felt the presence of God, even with the limited exposure she had as a child. As she grew older, however, her mustard seed of faith began to blossom into the passion of her heart and ultimately her art.

Currently, Sheri lives and paints in Rochester, New York. Some of her time is spent involved in the A.R.T.S. group led by professional fine artist Richmond Futch at Gallery Aviv. Sheri enjoys Gallery Aviv where she has previously displayed her art and also regularly paints for the First Friday events alongside her husband as he plays cello.

Sheri doesn't want to 'paint just to paint', but to be purposeful; to express her relationship with God while conveying His message of hope and healing.